Judy Sheindlin, known throughout the land for her starring role in the ubiquitous syndicated show Judge Judy, is finally coming to primetime.

CBS has announced a one-hour special entitled (fittingly) Judge Judy Primetime, which will air on May 20 at 8:00 PM. According to CBS in their press release announcing the show:

“[The special] includes new cases and takes a look at how Judge Judith Sheindlin transitioned from New York Family Court Judge to ‘Judge Judy’…In each case, Judge Sheindlin applies her unique ability to act as a true moral compass and her uncanny ability to ferret out the truth. Also highlighted are classic Judyisms, her hilarious one-liners that have become part of America’s lexicon, parodied from ‘Saturday Night Live’ to ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live.’”

Judge Judy actually remains No. 1 in first-run syndication over the last three years, and has been the No. 1 courtroom show in the country from its very first episode in September of 1996. That’s 917 weeks in a row, if you’re scoring at home.

Even more incredibly, it’s available in over 125 TV markets around the globe. It just proves that no matter where you go, justice will always follow.

[via EW]