Brooklyn teens have it easy. Where I grew up in California, we had to skulk behind 7-Eleven hoping to convince a homeless guy to buy one 40 to split between five people. In Kings County, minors can apparently just walk up to the register with a 12-pack.

A recent sting operation caught nearly three dozen New York grocery and liquor stores selling alcohol to minors, reports CBS New York. The decoy operation sent minors to 74 stores between April 17 and May 1. Of the total, Police observed the young adults buying alcohol at 32 stores. (You can check out the full list of businesses selling to minors here.) 

The action was announced by New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo. “The law is the law, and we will continue do whatever it takes to crack down on underage drinking and hold accountable those who serve alcohol to minors,” he said in a statement. “Our message is simple: If you put children at risk by placing alcohol in their hands, you will face the consequences.”

Party's over, kids. 

[via CBS New York]

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