New York City's highly-anticipated, groundbreaking Purina One cat café (168 Bowery) is so popular that  VIP cards to cut the ridiculously long lines have actually been distributed. To a legion of crazy cat lovers, this is a fucking Black Card.

According to Gothamist, a tipster told them that lucky guests still toiling away in line when the shop shut down yesterday were blessed with exclusive cards: 

People who were still in line when the cafe closed (the closest 100 I think, there was a cutoff point) got these VIP Frequent Visitor Cards. It allows the card holder to access the cat cafe in a separate line, with more priority than the regular line.

Whatever people can do to spend quality time with the 16 cuddly cats that lounge around the shop, they'll do. While this pop-up shop for feline therapy is only temporary, the cats will be available for adoption through the North Shore Animal League. Cat lovers have until 7 p.m. on Sunday to get acquainted before hopefully taking one home.

[via Gothamist]

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