No, this isn't the weirdest and most specific dream you've ever had: The Killing, after being canceled twice by its home network AMC, only to be picked up by the home of lost, abandoned TV shows, Netflix, is actually coming back. Like, yes, there were all those reports floating around the Internet when Netflix picked it up last November, and there were production photos and all that—but now we've got an actual, confirmed date of when this show is coming back for its fourth (and final) season, so now it's all sort of just gotten really real. 

If you don't remember, this poor show has been through quite a bit: It was canceled by AMC after two seasons, only to be brought back for season three thanks to Netflix's proposition of a "shared-window pact," which basically meant that AMC would broadcast the episodes, but they wouldn't pay the costs of production the show—Netflix would, and in exchange, have full rights over the series. After the third season aired, however, AMC canceled it again, so Netflix took the show over to Fox Television, and negotiated a new deal to give the show a final season exclusive to Netflix.

Anyway—this all brings us back to the original news, which is the premiere date for season four of the show. So, mark your calendars now: According to IndiewireThe Killing's fourth season will premiere in full for binge-watching on August 1.

[via Indiewire]