Birds are chirping, we have an extra hour of daylight, and you can actually consider a pickup game outside. It must be springtime. Which means that the National Collegiate Athletic Association and its countless horde of fans are lost in the thick of the 2014 Division 1 Championships. As we make wild guesses about the outcomes of this year’s March Madness, our excitement for the playoffs can only be paralleled by our anticipation of what will most definitely be a time-consuming, nail-biting effort to keep up with our favorite team’s standing—[team name redacted for our own safety]—while avoiding our girlfriends’ moderate frustration with our mildly obsessive college ball fanaticism.

Aside from the experts and fellow fans on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit, there are plenty of killer apps out there vying to help you keep up with the Madness, while minimizing your own madness. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the best apps to keep you updated on March Madness this year.