Neighborhood: Monterey Park
Address: 122 S Atlantic Blvd.
Website: Facebook Page
Notable quality: The SGV Gem 

Fried chicken is a big deal in the San Gabriel Valley, and if you are not familiar, check out a boba shop on a weekday afternoon or a Valley Blvd. cafe after midnight. As a devotee of The Open Door, I was bummed to see its doors close, but when the chef followed up with Tokyo Fried Chicken, all sentiments of sadness were lost. Served family style at $12 a person, their fried chicken is piled on a paper lined tray, surrounded by bowls and cast irons filled with the sides of your choice. Macaroni and cheese sprinkled with nori or fried Brussels sprouts with goat cheese are always a good look if you enjoy a strong sides game. The bird, packed with aroma in each bite, is marinated in soy, ginger and garlic, so it has a classic Japanese flavor. Its crispy fried skin on the other hand, is inspired by the South. With the addition of a little house made "Ponzu Bear" (spicy or regular), your chicken will be elevated to the next level. Wash it all down with T.F.C.'s yuzu lemonade, a drink that deserves to be called the nectar of the gods.