Facebook recently dropped a staggering $19 billion to buyout the hottest messaging app on the mobile scene: Whatsapp. While the deal comes off as a win-win for both companies, it serves as a loss to the 450 million people using the IM subscription service. Why is that? Well, their private data now rests in the hands of the world’s largest social network. Needless to say that hasn’t sat well with the majority of smartphones users, all of whom enjoyed the luxury of chatting and texting globally for free without dipping into their data plans. But don't be fooled into thinking all hope is lost.

In fact, there are a number of dope messaging apps available for download with the same, and if not, more features than Facebook's recent acquisition—and all which don’t require you being tied down to the social platform. Join our group chat as we put you onto The Best Alternatives to WhatsApp.