Alcohol heroes are fighters, artists who drank themselves to death, and self-aggrandizing frat boys who grow up to be self-serving executive types. Ganja is the drug of sadhus and sufis. Long before Rastafari it was used in religious rituals for hundreds, even thousands of years. Bob Marley and Willie Nelson are cannabis's modern champions. Marijuana has the power to heal even its angriest, most misogynistic fans, such as Snoop Lion, who is all about peace and love now, right?

Alcohol has Bukowski and Hemingway, both of whom got a lot of fine writing done on the sauce, but I don't think you'd want either of those guys in your personal life. Humanity's relationship with alcohol, it has been posited, arose alongside the development of agriculture and a stratified society. The story goes before agriculture our cave ancestors lived in a paleo-utopia (actually it would have been a neolithic utopia, but don't tell that to Lady Gaga or Kobe) where everyone was equal and ate their fill of tree nuts, woolly mammoth, and leafy greens.

Then wheat was domesticated and the ancient leaders of Mesopotamia found it all too easy to make the plebs grow it, ferment it, and then eat the fermented mash, thereby keeping them docile and subservient to their overlords. (Does this sound to anyone else like the story of reality TV?)