Authorities in South Carolina say a woman was attacked by her husband's new girlfriend after walking in on the couple having sex.

The Smoking Gun reports that 49-year-old Pamela Lynn Turney walked into her estranged husband's Spartanburg, S.C. home Saturday evening. Though she could hear him, Turney was unable to locate him, so she followed the faint noises all the way to the bedroom. That's where she found the man in the midst of drinking, smoking weed and having anal sex with his 38-year-old Vickie Lynn Morgan (above). 

Morgan did not take kindly to the interruption, allegedly springing up from the bed and attacking Turney, knocking her down three times before she was finally able to escape. The incident left Turney with bruises on her forehead and cheek, as well as a black eye. 

Turney called police the next morning, and the Smoking Gun claims authorities investigating Morgan, who was arrested for assault last February. This doesn't bode well for her.

[via The Smoking Gun]