Hollywood has made it clear that any premise can be turned into a movie at this point. Just look at the runaway success of The Lego Movie for proof of this. Well Warner Bros. isn’t done yet because Deadline is reporting that the studio is putting a movie based on the indie video game Minecraft into production. Like Legos, Minecraft is a game that allows players to build structures and worlds out of cubes, only here it’s done on your PC or gaming console, as opposed to real blocks.

Warner Bros. is currently swimming in more than $250 million of Lego money and probably looks at Minecraft as another potential franchise. Minecraft has gained more than 100 million registered users since Mojang launched the game in 2011. That’s a staggering number that can provide an audience just as large as The Lego Movie’s, if not more. However, it will take a lot of luck to match Lego’s critical acclaim.

[via Deadline]