According to a tipster to Polygon, the stars may finally be aligning for a Shaq Fu comeback based on these new shirts implied for use in a marketing campaign or if nothing else, for awesomeness.

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Other signs that it might finally be time for the Fu to return is a trademark registration last year for Shaq Fu as well as a slip by the former player himself at last year's CES where he stated that new game was “coming soon.” While the original Shaq Fu was a bit of a crap shoot it none-the-less has Shaq beating the crap out of skeletons and cat ladies.

 So hopefully the Shaq will find time in his busy schedule when not running around as a volunteer police officer with an over-sized billy-club a tiny gun and a rocket pack – only one of those things are untrue – to get this game made. Check out some fight footage from the Super Nintendo below.

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