If blood makes you squeamish, this isn't the video for you.

Today, we get our first look at Telltale Games latest project, The Walking Dead: Season Two, and it's most definitely not for the faint of heart.

For those of you who haven't played The Walking Dead: Season One, this is your only warning, as the trailer heavily spoils the events that transpired in season one..

That being said, The Walking Dead: Season Two, continues with the story of Clementine, a young girl left to survive alone in the zombie apocalypse. Several months have passed since the events of Season One, and the story picks up with Clementine encountering situations that test her survival skills and hinder her pursuit of safety.

Based on Robert Kirkman's award winning comic books, The Walking Dead; Season Two is looking to follow up on the success of Season One, which was the 2012 Game of the Year.

Check out the trailer and get brush up on your zombie kill skills, as The Walking Dead: Season Two hits Xbox 360, PS3, iOS, PC and Mac December 17.

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