When done right, quick time events can be the perfect compliment to an already great video game. When done exceptionally well, they can be strong enough to stand on their own. It's not like QTEs are a new thing either.video games dating back to the coin-operated arcade era like <i>Dragon's Lair</i> and <i>Space Ace</i> spearheaded the use of single-button interaction.

With all the success stories of quick time event use also comes the not-so-great blunders. It's to be expected that not every video game that uses quick time events won't be able to pull it off properly. Some events don't give players enough time to interact like the dog attacks in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare or the implied attempted rape scene in Tomb Raider. Other times, quick time events are put into games where they don't make any sense. The Spiderman 3 video game is one of those titles guilty of using QTEs when the default controls would have served the same purpose. 

Here's a look at a few more Quick-Time Events We Could Have Done Without.

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