The unprecedented access and unfettered broadcast of livestreams has been a big selling point of next-gen consoles. The Xbox One allows for the recording and editing of clips that can then be posted to social media but will soon have direct streaming access to Twitch. PlayStation 4 users can already stream to Twitch, the huge live play video gaming community, and it’s resulted in some serious issues.

Coming to terms with the fact that gamers may do a lot more in their living rooms that just play games has resulted in a round of banning as Twitch tries to weed-out the most obvious violators. The Sony PlayStation Eye camera for the PlayStation 4 comes with a free title called Playroom that gives the illusion of playing a game in the users’ room but is being used for much more.

Nudity, sex, guns; it sounds like the theme to Grand Theft Auto but has been the subject of not just a few livestreams. Twitch doesn’t allow non-gaming content but has accepted a kind of call in show related to gaming that Playroom can also be used for.

Sony, for its part, could do a better job letting users know what they’re getting into. The Twitch app contains no warnings or blatant terms of service. In response Twitch has been banning users quickly. Reportedly, of legitimate content in some cases, as it hurries to shut down what is fast becoming the Playroom effect.

Didn’t everyone see this coming? As consoles and cameras start invading even more of users lives in search of experience, gaming companies and services like Twitch are going to have to find ways to keep the Forza play in and the parade of naked firearm brandishing exhibitionists out.

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[Via Kotaku]