Address: 105 North Roadway

If you’ve ever felt the desire to make a fashion statement with a pair of boat shoes, skipper’s cap, and navy blue crewneck sweater draped casually over your shoulders, the Southern Yacht Club is one of the few places where you won’t be laughed out the door. If only you could get in the door… Since 1879, this haven of sailors (which has produced a number of Olympians) has been part of the skyline in New Orleans’ West End, a beacon on the shores of Lake Pontchartrain, beckoning to those lucky few who were born with a love of water in their veins and a tint of blue in their blood. At 164 years old, it’s the country’s second oldest yacht clubs (only the fancy-schmancy New York Yacht Club has got it beat). In addition to an annual regatta, a gym, swimming pool, waterfront dining room, and clubhouse are some of the venue’s main attractions.