Number of episodes: 4
Stars: Sean Hayes, Linda Lavin, Samantha Isler, Thomas Lennon, Megan Hilty, Echo Kellum, Vik Sahay
Premise: Sean's (Sean Hayes) world is flipped around when he is dumped by the love of his life and his online retail company is bought up and his new boss Howard (Vik Sahay) is basically a manipulative robot. Oh, and his fourteen year old daughter, Ellie (Samantha Isler) has just moved in to his New York apartment after her mother abandoned her. How can Sean please his asshole boss by working late each night and get home to make chicken parm for a teenage daughter he knows almost nothing about?

Worst moment from the latest episodeThere's a bit early in the episode that demonstrates the show has some clever, weird writers on staff—and then it ruins the moment by shoehorning in some lame and typical sitcom chatter. Sean's terrible boss calls a late-night meeting at the hotel room where he's been living. With his small staff gathered around him, he reveals the dead body of a bellboy in the bathroom, says he needs help disposing of the body and wants to hear ideas about how to do it. We're in weird, albeit cartoonish, territory, and for a minute you forget you're watching a network comedy. (Almost.) And then the scene ends with a bad joke from Sean about how he can't even get towels from the staff when he stays there. The laugh track goes wild. You want to die. 

PrognosisSean isn't saving the world, he's stagnate. Ratings between the third and fourth episode had stayed the same (1.1; 4 million viewers). Star Sean Hayes blames NBC and it's rocky viewership for the show's status. Hear him tell it, and this show would be killing it on CBS. But it's not on CBS, and those ratings coupled with a beefing star means things are looking very bad.