Bejeweled isn't one of those games that has commercials running for it or a line of cool T-shirts and toys. But still, millions of people have heard of it. When Brian Fiete, Jason Kapalka and John Vechey of PopCap came across a Russian match-three game called Shariki (or The Colors Game), it inspired them to create a browser-based game named Diamond Mine which later evolved into the glittery, ball of addiction we now know as Bejeweled.

Since Bejeweled's creation in 2000, the following 13 years would be wildly successful journey of reinvention and expansion. Presently, the puzzler can be played on nearly every handheld, mobile or home console platform imaginable. Bejeweled's Executive Producer, Heather Hazen attributes the game's reach to the company's willingness to provide a gaming experience wherever the player may be. "I've watched my four-year old nephew play and I've watched my grandmother play, and for us, you have to be where the fans are," Hazen says. "As you think about how it's a game for everybody, you have to be willing to expand your horizons as far as the platforms you want to deliver a top-notch experience. It's always been our philosophy that if we're making a game that everybody loves, it should be available for everybody."

Complex spoke to Heather about the success of the Bejewled along with what went into the evolution of the title.

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