There's no doubt that a good first person shooter video game can be fun to play alone or with a group of friends. With the evolution of graphics and realistic tactical gameplay, it's easy to become so engaged that some of the action bleeds into real-life. Especially if you're an FPS addict. just think of how funny the phrase "boom, headshot" is in any context. When you hear the term "lobbyist," the first thing that comes into mind is a multiplayer lobby where the most offensive insults are hurled like stun grenades. If you find yourself nodding your head and smirking in agreement, chance are, you're an FPS addict described in the following slides.

First person shooter addicts are relatively harmless of course, the most trouble they cause in real-life is during an online, multiplayer match where they often blow their tempers and cuss incessantly into their headsets. Otherwise, they just use terms that only other addicts understand, leaving non-gamer friends and family members in a state of confusion. 

If first person shooters have taken over your life, the first step in understanding what you're dealing with is knowing if you are indeed an addict. Check out these 10 Signs You're a First Person Shooter Addict to see if time away from the controller is necessary. 

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