Well, here’s an interesting tidbit: Adrian Chimielarz, former head of Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly (who’s subsequently started his own indie studio to work on the combat-less next-gen Vanishing of Ethan Carter) has tweeted that a consensus among developers seems to be that the PS4 is more powerful than the Xbox One.

“I know that pure hardware specs are not the whole story, but man, all next-gen AAA devs I talk to say it's 50% speed difference...” Chimielarz tweeted earlier this weekend.

Take that as you will – it’s certainly not fact, though we’ve heard similar sentiments from sources. Perhaps Chimielarz is looking for the best next-gen platform to port Carter to? (Pure speculation, obviously, but it’d be great news if it happens.)

Still, from a tech standpoint it seems like the PC-like nature of both new next-gen consoles would make it a snap for Microsoft’s development integration to work easily with Windows, as it was with the original Xbox.

Via Twitter