What will it take for people to learn that any and all illegal activity needs to be kept off of TwitterSunith Baheerathan, who works—well, worked—as a mechanic at a Mr. Lube near Toronto, sent out a request for weed on Twitter Tuesday morning. It seems as though he needed "a spliff or two" to make it through the day. Apparently, Baheerathan doesn't know that police monitor social media for this type of activity, because the last thing he expected was for the York Regional Police to respond to his tweet:

Whoever runs their Twitter account has an awesome sense of humor. Thousands of retweets later, Mr. Lube took notice:

In other words, Baheerathan got the axe. There's a lesson to be learned here: Don't try to solicit marijuana from the Internet, especially while you're at work. The cops and your employer are watching.

[via Gawker]