Terrence Howard has been accused of badly beating his ex-wife Michelle Ghent during a vacation in Costa Rica, TMZ is reporting

Howard and Ghent originally divorced back in May of this year, but have been estranged since at least February 2011, when Ghent filed divorce papers. Despite Howard claiming that Ghent was an "evil racist" during their marriage and Ghent claiming that Howard "viciously beat her," the two reunited recently, and took off to Costa Rica for vacation last week. 

What exactly went down in Costa Rice is debatable: Ghent claims that the two got in an argument that led Howard to assault her, but Howard claims that Ghent maced him, his adult daughter, and another family member. Police were called and reports were taken, but it's still not clear what happened. Some sources speaking to TMZ say that Howard made up the story to cover up the abuse, while other sources connected to Howard claim that Ghent is lying about the abuse. Long story short, no one knows anything.

Ghent is reportedly planning on going to court to acquire a restraining order against Howard. 

[via TMZ]