Looks like the bitter divorce battle between Terrence Howard and his ex-wife, Michelle Ghent, has finally come to an end. According to TMZ, the two managed to reach a settlement that brings the case, which has been dragging on since February of last year, to a close.

As previously reported, things between Howard and Ghent got pretty bitter over the past few months, with Howard claiming that Ghent was an "evil racist," and Ghent accusing Howard of "viciously beating her." Last year, Ghent was granted a retraining order against Howard, and, just this past February, courts ordered him to pay her a sum of $50,000 to "hold her over" until a settlement was reached in their divorce. 

Both Howard and Ghent reportedly reached an agreement in their divorce on August 16th. The two were married in 2010, and have no children together.

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[via TMZ]