After nearly a month of campaigning, Spike Lee's Kickstarter has officially hit its goal of $1,250,000 and will be funded shortly.

Lee put the Kickstarter up late last month, and despite initially giving little information about his intended project and the plot—other than specifying it will be about humans who are addicted to blood, but not vampires and "not Blacula"—Lee campaigned throughout the month by releasing videos to further explain the state of the film industry, the reason he's taken to Kickstarter to fund this project, and announcing his casting plans. Just recently, he spoke with Complex to respond to all the Kickstarter naysayers and critics.

According to the Kickstarter at the time of this posting, Lee has raised a total of $1,299,975 with 5,474 backers, and it's still climbing. The project will be funded in full when the Kickstarter officially closes in five days—to donate before then, head on over to the page.

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[via Kickstarter]