From the early days of modest community bars with DJs breaking out in simple raps from the booth to the excess of modern multilevel complexes with velvet-roped VIP areas, the club has always played a vital role in the culture of hip-hop. Some of New York's most famous clubs mattered simply because they gave young people a place to hang out; others offered superstars like Jay-Z and Diddy a place to mingle with the rich and beautiful. Many helped define the culture and the direction of the music. A number earned a degree of notoriety for the fights that broke out in front of them or the drugs that were done inside.

Whether they were flossing their ability to get into the most exclusive parties, reminding listeners of the cred they had at the hot spots back in the day, or simply describing their daily lives, rappers have always been some of the best indicators of which clubs matter most at the moment. Times change, though, and many of those hot clubs and important destinations have since disappeared, becoming drug stores, dorms, or new clubs with a lesser hip-hop pedigree. In fact, as some of these defunct New York clubs recede farther into our collective memory, it's hard to find any reference, beyond the occasional name drop in a verse. It is through these great shout outs that the spirit of these NYC nightlife destinations lives on for future music fans. These are the best lyrical shout-outs to defunct New York City clubs. Never forget.

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