Remember a little thing called Apple Maps, Apple's so-called 'Google Maps-killer'? Yeah, turns out a lot of other people don't either. 

Google Maps is not just king of the map apps, but of all apps: according to new data from GlobalWebIndex, with 54 percent of users, Google Maps beats out Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Skype and Instagram as the most frequently used app for the second quarter of 2013. Facebook currently brings in 44 percent of users, YouTube at 35 percent, and Google+ with 30 percent of smartphone users. Apple Maps didn't even crack the top 10 (to be fair, it's not available for Android users), but you can expect someone over at Apple being pretty ticked off at the news that Google Maps is doing so well. 

Get Google Maps for iOS here, and Android users here. Chances are you already have it.

[via Mashable]