Last month at the Television Critics Association press tour, during a panel to promote tonight's HBO original movie Clear History, Larry David made a frightening remark: He said wasn't sure if he wants to produce another season of his hit, somewhat meta sitcom, Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Why is the idea of a proposed ninth season even up in the air when the show is so beloved? Well, for years Curb has had an unorthodox degree of freedom, with HBO allowing David to do whatever he wants. The show has taken hiatuses up to two years long between seasons, and its future rests entirely on whether one neurotic man feels like doing more. To be fair though, he's always been cagey when asked about a new batch of episodes since season five's series finale-esque "The End." But, as co-producer and co-star Jeff Garlin admits, each season since LD has waved off producing more episodes, but then randomly calls up Garlin, Susie Essman, and the folks at HBO with a new idea. He could be just jerking America's chain before returning for another tour as the "Social Assassin." Or, the last we saw of fictional Larry David—causing trouble and no doubt calling out social improprieties in Paris with trusty sidekick Leon—may have been the end and we didn't even know it.

So you can read this list two ways. On the one hand, these 25 episodes, from a series that's never produced a bad one, are a testament to the work David put in and the comedic treasures he's already given us. But you can also view it as proof that Larry David is still gifted with the pen (a lot of late series episodes appear here) and is undoubtedly capable of giving us at least ten more. Either way, you're in for one hell of a marathon. Read on for: The 25 Best Episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Written by Frazier Tharpe (@The_SummerMan)

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