Episode: "Madrigal" (Season 5, Episode 2)

It all starts out so, well, pleasantly droll. We're inside a test kitchen in Germany, where Peter Schuler—an exec for Madrigal Electromotive, the company that's secretly behind Gus Fring's meth enterprise—is tasting a bunch of dipping sauces. The sampling session is interrupted by one of Schuler's lackeys, who informs him that police officers are in the building and want to speak with him. And thus ends the droll pleasantries. Rather than meet with the cops, though, Schuler takes an automatic defibrillator into the men's bathroom. Then, with cops banging on the door, Schuler electrocutes himself.

A lesser TV show would most likely take a less imaginative route to get to the scene's resolution: an executive seated at his desk, opening the window as cops are outside of his office, leaping to his death. But not Breaking Bad. Just for good measure, we get a quiet, drawn-out, and strangely humorous bit of taste-testing, followed up by a creative death scene. It's this small macabre details that set this show apart from the rest. —MB