Music and movies go hand in hand. Imagine watching Halloween without John Carpenter's classic score punctuating all of Michael Myers' appearances. Or feeling the primal terror of Jaws minus John Williams' tension-mounting composition. Or wanting to save the day like Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars without Williams' epic symphony arrangements.

Not every movie needs music to sell its highs and lows, but whether it's an ace composer's excellent studio work or a collection of popular recording artists' contributions, a great soundtrack will oftentimes elevate what you'r seeing on the screen. In some cases, it can even overshadow everything the director and his or her cast has done. Do hip-hop heads even remember that there was a Sunset Park movie? Is there any reason to watch The Bodyguard when its soundtrack's songs are just an iPod's touch away?

You have to feel somewhat bad for the filmmakers who've been outperformed by these 20 soundtracks that are better than the movie. Talk about "song cry."

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Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone), Tara Aquino (@t_akino), and Ross Scarano (@RossScarano)