Game: NBA 2K10
Year: 2009

Kobe Bryant was an overwhelming great player in NBA 2K for a long time before NBA 2K10, but when the Black Mamba finally got his cover spot, his virtual game seemed to take that leap from spectacular to nearly unfair.

If NBA 2K10 captured anything with uncanny accuracy, it was Kobe's tendency to take and make the most ludicrous circus shots possible. Whereas 2K entries from earlier in the decade positioned him as something like the athletic freak that Vince Carter was, with an array of impressive dunks and good outside shooting, the Kobe of 2K10 was slipperier and more nimble around the hoop, hitting his signature spinning fadeaways from all angles. If you used him in the game, he could get you out of almost any jam and if you played against him, you could do everything in your power to stop him and still come up short.

He was, in short, the definition of dominant.