What a difference a day makes. Within 24 hours Sony's PlayStation 4 was able to get a jump on Microsoft, and deflate whatever air was left in the Xbox One's tires since its announcement three weeks ago.

That still doesn't mean that Microsoft's next generation console wasn't without its share of winning moments, but it was the PlayStation 4 that got the crowd off its' collective ass. 

At Microsoft's early morning media briefing at the University of California's Galen Center, the team went over many of the same points covered during their last press event on May 21. The most mentionable additions to E3 event was a concrete release date and a firm retail price.

The Xbox One will cost $500 when it comes out this November.

Launch titles for the new console include: Dead Rising 3, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, and FIFA 14. Although Team Green didn't talk about the non-gaming features nearly as much as they had during their Redmond event, there was still quite a bit of talk about the system as a home entertainment device first and a video game console second.

Another interesting point was that there was hardly any mention of Call of Duty: Ghosts and zero "water cooler" references. Apparently, the folks at Xbox are just as aware of the side-splitting memes as the rest of us. Microsoft revealed a redesigned Xbox 360 and the good news that all Xbox Live Gold memberships will transfer seamlessly over to the Xbox One.

Noticeably absent was any mention of used games during the Xbox One's coming out party. Microsoft went for more celebrity star power this time around, enlisting Drake to announce FIFA 14 along with MMA athletes Jon Jones and Anthony Petti.

Later that day, Sony held their PlayStation media briefing to reveal more about the PS4. More than they had since its reveal earlier this year. Sony also made a concerted push the PS Vita and-- just as one would expect in a console war-- take shots at the Xbox One.

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