Creators: Dick Clair, Norman Lear, Jenna McMahon
Networks (Years): NBC (1979-1988)

Just because this all-girl show was a spin-off of Diff'rent Strokes doesn't mean it was JUST racist against black people. Sure, the one time Tootie landed herself an African-American jock boyfriend it turned out dude couldn't read (because illiteracy and defness was SO IN back then) but it's gems like a little ditty called "The Americanization of Miko" that make this sitcom equal opportunity ignorant.

Basically, Jo befriends a Japanese girl (also, very trendy at the time) and turns her out on craven American things like "T-shirts" and "rock concerts" and "fun" and then has the gall to get up into Miko's father-san's face and tell him how to raise his kid. She explains that she is uniquely equipped to meddle in such international matters because she's "from the Bronx." Mr. Cuban Link, your ambassadorship awaits!