A young man from Gangsu Province, China sold his kidney after coming into some money troubles reportedly due to a video game debt.

The story was uncovered by Tencent after a criminal gang was arrested by Shijiazhuang police.  The gang was dealing in black market organs, one of which belonged to Mr. Zhang. Needing to come up with some quick cash Zhang was able to reach an organ dealer via the Internet (of course he did) that had Zhang sign a pre-sale agreement.

The agreement stated that Zhang sold his kidney of his own volition and that all consequences and issues are his to bear. Zhang signed the note and was wheeled into surgery for the reported amount of $6,510, which is much lower than the Chinese organ market according to the Black Market info site Havoscope

While the details of Mr. Zhang's video game debt are unknown, we're pretty sure he wasn't gold-farming in World of Warcraft. You may recall the story of a Chinese boy from Anhui province who sold one of his kidneys to buy an Apple iPad back in 2011. Maybe this is why the Chinese don't allow consoles to be purchased inside their country.

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[Via Kotaku]