It's no secret how wild Philly can be at times, and this video of a man storming into a strip club toting an AK-47 is hard evidence of this. Philadelphia police have turned to the public for help in finding 21-year-old Henry Pettigrew, who can be seen firing an AK-47 into a car and the inside of the Purple Orchid strip club in the city's Elmwood section, bustin' his ass and falling in the process. 

Fox 29 reports that the incident took place on May 11 after two men got into an argument with club bouncers and management. Both men were kicked out of the club, and authorities say Pettigrew returned with the weapon in retaliation. Police claim that the dispute was over the DJ's refusal to play Pettigrew's favorite song. 

The shooting left one person wounded with non-life threatening injuries.

[via My Fox Philly

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