What it communicates: Cue R. Kelly's "Bump and Grind"

Even your 90-year-old grandmother knows what it means when you buy a woman lingerie: sex, or as Nana Jo might call it, an intimate evening. Rather than trying to hide your intentions, you've choose to elaborate on them.

Different types of lingerie invite different interpretations. Black panties and a lacy bra are the most elegant route, while fishnets and a leather bustier are a subtle invitation to your "special closet" with all the "toys." 

When browsing for lingerie, it's important to consider her style. If her regular attire consists of white panties with peonies and butterflies, you might want to reconsider the leather corset and check her ID. If she's already worn a French maid outfit for you, you'll need to get more creative; think Kiki De Montparnasseor a local specialty shop.