Year: 1955
School: University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Football games were still segregated by race when John Brandon, and brothers Ralph and LeRoy Frasier first attended the University of North Carolina as undergraduates. It took a federal court decision, but the three were finally allowed to become Tar Heels in 1955, when the school's blatantly racist admissions policy was struck down for the very first time.

Despite collegiate integration in the South being a famously touchy issue, the three friends' experience was relatively uneventful. Angry mobs were nowhere to be found, and no local politicians stood in doorways to greet them, or deny them entry. However, a minor conflict did arise: The students quickly learned that there were places and people they should avoid. Said Frasier of the ordeal, "We were kids. I was probably thinking about when we were going to eat."