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Facebook Might Owe You $10 From Its Recent $20 Million Class Action Settlement, It may not be much but the billion-dollar company may owe you some money. (1/28)

Iranian Scientists Sent A Monkey into Outer Space, The monkey, which scientists believe shares incredible "biological similarities" to humans, was apparently launched in a space capsule named Pishgram, or Pioneer. (1/28)

The 40 Funniest Entries On UrbanDictionary.com, Get a laugh and learn a thing or two from the popular reference site. (1/28)

The 10 Youngest Tech Prodigies Right Now, One of these kid geniuses may just be the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. Take a look at the youngest techies making the most noise in the industry. (1/29)

Facebook Releases "Ask Erin" App For Users With Questions About Privacy, A new feature was added to the Facebook and Privacy page connecting users directly to  the social network's Chief Privacy Officer Erin Egan. (1/29)

U.S Defense Department Invest in God-Like Creeper Drone, Our defense department in combination with BAE Systems have created a drone with the ability to gather unparalleled data. (1/29)

HTC to Debut New Smartphone on February 19th, Whether that device will be the M7, HTC's rumored nemesis to Samsung's Android, is anyone's guess. However, it's clear the company's playing a tough game of catch up with its competitor. (1/29)

The 20 Strangest Vending Machines in the World, Forget candy and soda, you won’t believe the weird things that people are putting in vending machines nowadays. (1/30)

Everything You Need To Know About The New Blackberry Z10, Take a look at RIM’s last attempt to stay relevant. Do you think it will work? (1/30)

This iPhone App Will Encrypt Text MessagesWith Text Fortress, the user has the option to secretly store and send messages by either email, text, or notes. After opening the app and typing your message, you protect it with a password. (1/30)

California Man Facing 100 years in Prison for Blackmailing Women on Skype for Nude Photos, As if there aren’t enough creepy people on the Internet this guy takes it to the next level. (1/31)

Google Maps Pulls Back Curtain on North Korea, The big reveal is part of a crowdsourcing effort in which "citizen cartographers" contributed names of landmarks, streets and so forth as part of Google's Map Maker effort. (1/31)

Apple Is Hosting A Sweet Apps Sale This WeekendThe second week of Apple's "Get Stuff Done" iTunes promotion kicked off Friday, which means a lot of great apps went on sale. (2/1)