Address: 315 Bourbon St.

New Orleans has a different relationship with strip clubs than most cities. Whereas most towns (except Las Vegas, of course) see them as a spot to hit for a bachelor party, birthday, or finalizing a divorce, bros in NOLA see them simply as places to grab a drink and look as some bare "breastesses." The Tourist breed of capital-D Douche is a given here, but what makes Rick's stand out from the countless strip clubs on Bourbon is the local rich boy crowd and their off-the-charts sense of entitlement. Picture overweight and balding assclowns holding court in or near the VIP room, throwing their family's inheritance at dancers straight out of a southern Mississippi trailer park (or someone's Hollywood version of same). The fact that the aforementioned clownus assuses are rocking a Rolex and know the doormen by name only serves to inflate their overblown self worth, making Rick's a haven for the type of (sub-)human who just left Dos Jefe's.