The 25 Best Drama Movies Streaming on Netflix Right Now

The Piano (1993)

Director: Jane Campion
Stars: Holly Hunter, Harvey Keitel, Sam Neill

A mute woman (Hunter), her daughter (a very young Anna Paquin), and her prized piano arrive on the shores of New Zealand in the 1850s in Jane Campion's gorgeous feminist tale of control and music. Ada has come from Scotland as part of an arranged marriage to a wealthy landowner (Neill). Life in this tropical climate is not at all what she'd pictured, nor is her marriage. When her prized piano is sold to a local (Keitel), he offers to sell it back to her at the cost of lessons, which become much more than that.

Notable for, among many reasons, being the second time in the '90s that Keitel would get butt-naked for his art.

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