Highest Office Held: Governor of Louisiana

For a man who had once planned to be a preacher, Edwin Edwards had an amazingly corrupt political career. As early as his first term as Governor of Louisiana in the 1970s, Edwards was accused of corruption. He was somehow able to overcome the accusations, even as they continued to mount, and win three more terms as governor.

Only after he retired from the political game did the feds catch up with him. In 1998, charges of fraud, racketeering, money laundering, and extortion finally stuck. Edwards did almost a decade of time before finishing his sentence in a halfway house in 2011. Then, the disgraced ex-governor further outpaced the competition when he married his prison pen pal Trina Grimes Scott, a woman 51 years his junior, after he got out of the clink.

Their reality show, The Governor's Wife begins next month on A&E.