College: University of Maryland
City: College Park, MD
Date: 4/1/2002
Number of People Involved: ~5,000

Talk about excessive celebration. On April Fool's Day, 2002, University of Maryland students broke into senseless pandemonium following a defeat of Indiana in the NCAA men's basketball championship. Nearly 5,000 took to the streets to celebrate the school's first title, no doubt consuming copious amounts of alcohol in the process and engaging in generally destructive behavior throughout the night. We're talking smashing beer bottles upside each other's heads and then eating the ensuing shards of glass as a show of solidarity, or at least something equally insane. Flames broke out, trash cans were set ablaze and emergency vehicles were dealt thousands of dollars' worth of damage. More than a dozen were arrested in the multiple-day affair, which erupted in the same week as a costly fracas following the Terrapins' advancing to the national championship in the first place. Maryland, this -- this -- is why you can't have nice things.