Rockstar has released the first in a series of videos that originated with a London Design Museum exhibit in 2002, when Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was honored alongside Apple's iPod for its contributions to design that year.

This video focuses on the game's animation, highlighting:

  • “Motion Capture”- a rare video showing a cutscene between Kent Paul and Tommy Vercetti going from motion-capture through to 3D model wireframe to finished product.
  • “Sketch Book” - a progression of original character sketches through to final models and now-iconic illustrations of such folks as Lance Vance, Avery Carrington, Ken Rosenberg and more. 
  • “Tommy Moves”- a set of clips showing the genesis of Tommy’s animations whether jumping into a Comet sportscar, dive-kicking a biker off his chopper or running with a chainsaw...

The next two videos will detail Vice City's sound and city design, according to Rockstar. Watch out for them soon. Do you think Vice City deserves to be honored for its design? What games from 2012 do you think deserve the same honors?