Year: 2013
Rating: 82
Crucial Stat: 19.0 PER
The Difference: Chauncey Billups is an 82 in the most recent edition of the title. 82! That's one point below Luol Deng and Joakim Noah and above (above!) guys like Tyreke Evans, Serge Ibaka, Gerald Wallace (81s, those three), Anthony Davis, Brook Lopez, Jason Kidd, and Ray Allen. Kidd and Allen being rated lower is the most egregious, though there's definitely an argument to be made for Ibaka, mostly because Billups has never been a better PG than Jason Kidd and Ray Allen is going to be effective through his 40s, most likely. Billups is so far removed from the guy who took over the 2004 playoffs. He's played two games so far this season (not all that well, mind you) and really hasn't been the Chauncey Billups who deserves to be rated in the 80s in a sports video game since his second second season with the Nuggets. This is a man who was amnesty claused by the Knicks last season (yes, so they could fit Tyson Chandler in under the cap). The Knicks started Toney Douglas at point guard opening day last season and later let Mike Bibby and Baron Davis take a hack at things when Jeremy Lin (who was not on the opening day roster) wasn't setting the world on fire. Chauncey Billups is an 82 like I'm Detlef Schrempf.