Movie: Home Alone (1990)
Villains: Harry Lime and Marv Merchants (a.k.a. The Wet Bandits)
Played by: Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern

In the face of all of the slapstick comedy of Home Alone, it is easy to forget that these criminals were some bad dudes. Not only did they burglarize vacant homes, but they also flooded them afterwards. Is it really worth forcing your victims to make two separate insurance claims just so you can call yourselves "The Wet Bandits"?

Also, let's talk for a second about what "revenge" they were going to exact on young Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) if they were able to dodge the booby trap paint cans and blow torches and catch the kid. Let's just say that this could have easily been a much darker film. But, then, maybe we would have been spared three sequels and a TV movie, which is perhaps the greatest horror of all.