A North Carolina man by the name of VR Phipps has been traveling the country in a truck that displays a hanging effigy of President Obama. Phipps says that he's protesting the murder of family members by local law enforcement, claiming that a cover-up has prevented his family from getting justice. In a YouTube video, Phipps says that all he wants is what Trayvon Martin's family wants—"Justice." 

Mike Opelka, who reports for Glen Beck's website The Blaze, first saw the truck in Manhattan this past May. He noted that it was even shocking to the average New Yorker, who has "seen everything." Still, Phipps has claimed that race was not a factor for the lynching in another video.

"You say it's racism, well, I tell you it's not. It's absolutely not. We have been hanging people in effigy when George Bush was President. I would have hanged him no problem. It wouldn't have been a problem at all." The truck was most recently seen in Jacksonville, FL.

[via BuzzFeed]