Lindsay Lohan made a surprise appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night (Nov. 14), during a sketch called "Let Us Play With Your Look." She looked pretty crazy. But that might have been because she was actually playing a role this time, not just living her normal life. Which is, after all, pretty crazy.

In the sketch, she descends from the crowd with an audience member while Jimmy Fallon croons "Let us play with your look," repeatedly. She sports a short platinum blond wig, 70s-style sunglasses and a white jacket dress. She completes the look with knee-high socks and heels. Fallon wears similar blond hair, white tights and a white tunic. He looks pretty ridiculous.

The jist of the sketch is that Lohan is a hairstylist of sorts and she's going to 'play' with the audience member's look, styling his hair. Then she proceeds to put a whole bunch of styling mousse in his hair, only to leave the job half-finished. She doesn't so much as play with his look as destroy it. She waddles off the stage after that, struggling to find the exit curtain. It's hard to discern whether that comedic element was inserted purposely or if he just couldn't find the curtain. It's pretty funny nonetheless.

Check it out.

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