Appeared In: GoldenEye (1995)
Played By: Famke Janssen
Diabolical Weapon: The thighs of doom
Killed By: Helicopter cable squeezing her to death

Xenia Onatopp is beautiful to look at, but you’re putting your fate in your own hands if you spend a night with her. Working alongside Alec Trevelyan, Onatopp is part of the Janus crime syndicate, and her job is to seduce and kill anyone in her way. She does this by literally squeezing men to death with her thighs during sex. It’s a tough way to go, yet we’re willing to bet she always leaves her victims smiling.

Onatopp is the type of cold femme fatale that we’re accustomed to from the Bond franchise, and Famke Janssen played the role superbly. This is one of the only times that a female was considered the muscle of the organization, as opposed to just being sensual eye candy.