Appeared In: Octopussy (1983)
Played By: Kabir Bedi
Diabolical Weapon: Elephant gun, scimitar
Killed By: Falling off a plane

As Kamal Khan’s bodyguard, Gobinda was a force to be reckoned with because, unlike his one-note boss, he was an expert swordsman and well-versed in various fighting styles. He was completely ruthless and was more concerned with actually eliminating his target, rather than boasting and stroking his own ego.

In one of the most thrilling action scenes of the Roger Moore era, 007 and Gobinda have a final confrontation on top of a plane in mid-flight. It’s a tense piece of choreographed mayhem that eventually ends with Gobinda screaming like a grade-school kid with a skinned knee as he falls to his death. Up until that point, though, he was one of the most intimidating henchmen of the ‘80s Bond movies.