In the wake of the news that Harry Potter director David Yates would be tackling a big screen Tarzan movie for Warner Brothers, Variety is now reporting that Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood) is being eyed to star in the lead role. Despite not having a deal in place as of yet, the studio is very high on him as Tarzan; however, with a summer start date looming, you can expect a decision to be made in the coming weeks and months.

In addition to Skarsgard, the site is also reporting that the studio is looking at Samuel L. Jackson to play George Washington Williams in the movie. Williams is an ex-mercenary who teams up with Tarzan to stop a warlord in the Congo. Warner Brothers is hoping that this mix of star power and directing talent will make Tarzan a more attractive project than John Carter, the most recent Edgar Rice Burroughs adaptation to hit the big screen.

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[via Variety]