Characters: Mark Antony and Cleoptra
Movie: Cleopatra (1963)

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor are the OG on-to-off-screen couple. They married twice. Their first marriage last 10 years. They starred in 12 movies together. Even those who haven't seen their movies know who they are. Lindsay Lohan is starring in a laughable looking Lifetime movie about their relationship for chrissake!

Their tumultuous relationship began on the set of Cleopatra, in which Taylor played the title role and Burton played Marc Antony. A good start. Unfortunately, while the movie got a whole lot of attention, it sucked. To make matters worse, because Burton and Taylor were both married when their affair began, the Vatican called the whole thing a big no-no. With that kind of rough start, it's no wonder things didn't end so well...especially considering that Burton was husband number five and six.