TV Show: Married With Children

Married with Children was a truly groundbreaking show. Here were characters with flaws that made them unlikeable by the standards of sitcoms, and yet that unlikeability had a certain charm. The dad, generally annoyed by his family, liked to escape by sitting on the toilet reading the newspaper. The mom was lazy and sex-deprived. The son was a dirtbag (okay, we never warmed up to Bud). And the daughter, Kelly Bundy, was all big hair, tight halter tops, exposed navel, and a certain morally casual attitude. A bit of a loosey goosey. 

Kelly was America's first promiscuous sitcom daughter, and Applegate had the mannerisms, face and body to do her justice. The young, male TV-viewing public had needs, and Kelly fulfilled them—in back of the gymnasium, perhaps, for five bucks a pop.